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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  January 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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dupree led. and tigers fall to 4 and 13 overall. and 0 andd7 in the caa. >> that's ittfor "sports unlimited."3 %-jennifer gilbert and jeff bard and it starts right now. >> trapped in a fire, the desperate rescue effort tonight in baltimore county. >> giving birth on the side of the highway. the story behind two special deliveries. >> and if you are addicted to coffee. and love starbucks. this is your lucky day. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 ews "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. breaking news tonight in baltimore county. volunteer fireeighter has died. trying to rescue people trapped
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in an apartment fire. >> the blaze broke out about 6:30 this evening along doweling circle in parkville. myranda stephens has been there all evening long. myranda, what happened? >>well, jennifer and jeff, it is a very somber night here at towson crossing apartments @%ere, if you look behind me, firefighters are still here cleaning up from that four alarm blaze. that killed one of their own. officials say 43-year-old mark falconhan became trapped in the call. crees located him and he was rushed to st. joseph medical center where he was pronounced dead. now falconan joins the lutherville fire department in 1990. and left a few years ago to be a part of the secret service. >> met him oo the first day on the job when he came to work with s. and he was a friend. and just a great person. left our department to improve his career with the secret
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service. >> and falconan leaves behind a wife and two children. we were told ttat he was very well liked by everyone here in the department. we should also note that there were two civilians injured in3 this fire. one was taken to bayview medical center, with critical burns, the other to sinai hospital. now officialsssay the fire, it appears, started in the kitchen, but they are not sure. and aae still investigating what actually caused this fire. live here in parkville. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition." >> all right myranda thank you. fallen police officer is laid to rest today. >> loved ones watched as the cassn carried officer torbit's body. hundreds pacced the cathedral. the officer was fatally shot
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last beak y uniform officers after he responded to a scene out of a nightclub. >> something should happen out of this, not just police being shot for no reason. you have two people gone. you ddn't know why. you have 41 bullets being shot by three police officers. i mean, i thought you go to academy school for something. >> officer torbit was uried at arbutis cemeteryy >> another police officer is hospitalized tonight after a shoot-out at a downtown parking garage. police say the fficer was walkkng to his car in the parking garage, one block from police headquarters. as far as investigators know he -as waiting in the garage. when he saw the officer, he pulled out a handgun, ann so did the two exchanged gun fire. earlier mayor sephanie rawlings-blake had this to say. >> we need increased penalties for indiiiduals that are carrying illegal loaded firearms in the streets. we have to change the culture of gun violence on the street.
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and we needdthe state's help to >> parking garage reopened this morning. and the search for the gunman continues tonight. >> a baltimore teenager that sued the city after claim -- car and drove off. has been awarded cass. officers involved werr never criminally charged. but myranda stephens reports jury decided theyywere in the wrong and now the city has to pay up. >> it was a random act of violence. >> deion johnsonnwas sitting on a dirt bike in july when an unmarked police car came up from behind and hit him and drove off. the curb and mosher and deion was 17 at the time. saiddhe was hanging out there with friends. >> everybody was there. aad [audible] >> three police officers deion blamed foo his innuries denied the incident ever happened. but a civil court jury believed the teen's story. assault and battery.mmittee although they were never charged criminally. >> for the states attorney'ss3
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office declined to prosecute them. and baltimore city police own found them not to be responnible at all. %-damages.g johnson $113,000 in his attorney is pleased with the judgment. buttstill believes the officers @%oulddhave been charged. >> if ii was anybody else, john q citizzn, you name it. who was hit someone,,caused injuries, leaves, nottprovide your insurance information. not render any aid or assistance as reqqired y law. they would be looking at jail >> no word yet on whether the city or police plan to appeal, or reprimand the officers. who are still working for the department. which the teen's mom think it is is unfair. >> they need o be fired. >> and attorney finds frustrating. >> the oath they took to protect license to oppress and injure. that's what thee did in this case. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition." >> now, deion johnson claimed
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his injuries side tracked his training as a boxer. and he had competed in the juniorrolympics and was hoping to compete in the olympics in 2012. >> new onight. mother accused of killing her hill park. pleaded guilty o invollntary manslaughter. given a 10 year ssspended sentence. @%day.means that she walked free for the first time since she was arrested for the crime 10 months ago. shh is on probation for five years. and has tt go o counseling. cannot have contact with young kids and has to report to social services if she becomes pregnant again.3 >> celebration after the inaugural is underway in downtown baltimooe tonight. and it is more informal and subdued than previous affairs like this. those attending the party at the fifth regiment armory were encouraged to donate to the %-sworn into a second term toda.
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and 1000 people turned out to %-governor said the next four years willlnot be easy, with -nemployment and foreclosures still very high. %-still far ahead of most other statee. >> harnessing the job createing and healing potential. improving public schools, public safety, public works, and tte protection of our public health, and, yes, our natural resources. >> anthony brown was sworn in to a second term as o'malley's lieutenann governor. >> now we asked you all day today. question of the day. do you think maryland will rebound from the recession better han ost states? 84% say no. no, i doubt maryland will progrrss. tim wrote. yes. on our facebook. the state still is goong strong. >> fox 45 investigation uncover@ more government waste. leads obtained through freedom @% information request showed the state department of general services leasing more than
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15,000 square feet of office space, on the fifth floor of 4201 patterson avenue. only 11 people work thhre. costing taxpayers more than $234,000 a year. >> i am delighted that you came up with thiss sad to say it is on your own. we did not do it at the state level. but we will certainly act on it. because that is just ouurageous. >>well, ironically desserted office space is home of the citizens review board. a watchdog organization charged with handling complaints and ooerseeing the actions of the department of human resources.@ spokessan with the department of general servicesssaid that @%dget cuts in 2010 were 28. >> keep ouu government accountable by joining our waste if you see government waste call our hotline, 44101652. or go to and click on waste watch.
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the list of the 10 rudeest cities in the u.s. of aaerica. it stands at number sevvn. >> l.a. number one, new york, philly, miami, dc, and boston. are more rude than baltimore. according to travel and leisure magazine. >> great day for caffeinefeins, starbucks hhs now trenta. the largee size sold nationwidd by may. >> thht's a little bit too much. to drink. >> no matter what you will stiik to your grande. >> yeah. grande person. >> the trenta size ice drinks are 50 cents more than vente. one is 30, one is 20. >> i am the only person that goes to starbucks and orders the short. most people do not know there is a short. %->> it is shorter than the sho.
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>> it is. getting chilly, and some changes are in the forecast. >> we understand that snow is chief meteorologist vytas reid with a look at the forecast. @%w much will we get? do the kids have off friday? >>well, that's a maybe. maybe. with the system pushing in, there is a potential we can get some accumulating snowfall. there may be rain mixed southeastern portion of the state. here potentially depending on the track. radar shows nothing in baltimore. but there is the storm. bull eye over kansas city. and missouri. it looks like we will continue to see that push hrough the region. it looks like we will continue to see this low, depends on hoo the tracks across the region. will determine on who gets what and how much we will get. so we willlhave to monitor this closely. look at the watches and@ warnings. stretchinggacross the mid section of the country. if you are flying toward indianapolis, or st. louis, or cincinnati, tomorrow, check ahead. therr may be delays.
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arriving here by tomorrow thursday night to fridayht, on morning. so friday morniig is the day to watch to ee if there are school delays or cancellations, and the roads could be bad out there. show you how much we will get out of this system coming up in the forecast. >> more starbucks, yoo don't need your wallet to buy coffeere payments at stores nationwide. allowing customers to use smart phones to pay for tteir caffeine fix. owners of blaakberry ipod, and i-pad, and i-phones. can use a mobile app by holding at starbucks, cash registers.r, >> with that objection motion to reconsiderrii laid upon the table. >> one vote down. the possible repeal of health care reform moves toothe next step. >> radical remarks from a newly
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elected governor.
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>> president obama hosts the first state dinner for a chinese leader at the whiteehouse in more than 13 years. ahead of toniggt's events, two leaders sat down to discuss a range of topics. president hu agreed on a $45 billion export deal. and discussed disagreements over traae, including criticism that china manipulates currency to gain an advantage. >> i did also stress to president hu that therr has to be a level playing fielddfor american commanies competing in china. >> well, the white house announced that the two nations will jointly finance a nuclear security center in china. expectations for other agreements remain modest. >> u.s. house votessto epeal health care reform signed into law last year.
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>> on this vote, yes are 245. no's 189. -> motion is passed. majoriiy, and 3 democrats, voted to repeal the health care act. republican rhetoric was tame, and focused on replacement legislation starting thursday. but pledges of civility at times fell short. >> this is life ann death. this is the security of your family. this is whether or not you can change jobs.@ this is whether or not your childden will be protected. this is whether or nnt your parents will be able tooafford ppecipitation drugs. >> the bill now goes to the senate where democrats hold a@ majority thhre. even if the vote doesn't go their way, g.o.p. can allo withhold funds for the reformm3 law, delaying implementation,3 and even forcing democrats to keep defending theer votes. >> alabama has a new governor, and he is stirring up controversy, prrtty much as soon
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as he took office. this is the inauguration of governor robert bently mmnday, after he took the oath of office, he raised eyebrows for saying anybody here today that is not accepted jesus christ as their savior, i am telling you, you are not my brother. and you are not my sister. and i want to be your brother. well hat brought an outpouring of criticism from jewish, muslim and other groups. governor got a dose of common@ sense today. and apologized. %-school shootinn in los angele, student brought a gun to school in his book bag.3 discharged oneing two. listen to what one teacher had to say about the whole thingg >> i can guarantee you the majoriiy of these kids are like wtf. >> yes, that was a teacher. if you don't know what the letters she said referred to, we but lets just say any teacher should have more common sense@ when choosing her words. >> nice that they are trying to
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teach chhldren in the classroom. >> well, it is a nice night but it is changing. jennifer? >> snow is on the way. here is vytas reid withhan update on the forecast. vytas? %-gging on out there.eck is in the weather. we are going to see snow back in the forecast. here is what issgoing on right now out there on hd skycam. quiet connitions. looking at 42 degrees still out there at bwi thurgood maashall airport. and winds out of the northwest at six. humidity levels 57%. high ttday was 50 degrees. 53 in downtown and dc. 50 in baltimore. then 55 in fredericksberg. looking at 59 in charlottesville. so very warm temperatures down there.3 slightly cooler out west. but it felt good along the 95 corridor w sunshine and mild temperatures. 40 holding on here in baltimore and dc because of the warm air earlier. soon the temperatures will drop down to the 30s and 20s overnight tonight. weemay get into the 30s.
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but it looks like we are seeing build in a little bit for tonight. and then clear up for tomorrow. few breaks in the clouds, get sunshine in the morning. and then we cloud up in the afternoon. as this system movee in..3 looking at the future scan. systems builds in late afternoon @%d evening. tomorrow night, snow coming down across the area. part of the state.x southeasterr depends on the track. but model data shows decent snowfall. 6 a.m. friday morning. messy commuue. so take your patience with you. we could get a bit of that on the ground. here is what it looks like for the predicted snowfall from the future scan. potentially anywherr from 2-to 4-inches i am thinking across -he region. maybe one to three across the bayy but it looks likeetwo to four possibly across the region. so includiig balttmore city. depends on the track of tte storm. we will continue to monitor it. but expect to seeesomething on theegroond friday morning as the system moves through. bigger picture shows movvng throughed mit west. if you are flying that way,
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check the airlines, as faa as cincinnati, connecting aiiport cleveland. indianapolis. affecting your travel plans and going into late friday. so looking at 26 tonight. should cool off overnight. and tomorrow, 34.3 northwest wind five to 10. -ive-day forecast shows the snow storm thursday night and friday. clear up saturday and sunday with cold temperatures in the teens for the overnight. >> ravens introduce the new defensive coordinator. sports. on a man delivers his own baby ♪ [ pop ] right now at h&r block, you could get money.
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only thing this monster bandt covers is freshly baked bread with flavor packed pastrami -- laying down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mustard and bubbly cheese. crank up the flavor at subway. ravens launched a nnw era today. introduced new defensive coordinator. secondary to replace greg madison. from what we heard today do not look for much to change. >> my philosophy or his. this hasn'ttchanged. and it won't change. defense here long before any of
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us got here. and they will be playing great defense long after i am gone. and whoever else they name. always been an attacking,@ swarming, tough, physical, hard nosed group of men. my philosophy is their philosophy. it is go out and wreak havoc. and play ravens' defense the way they have played for many yeaas. after this guy announced he was leaving. @%eg madiion is leaving to the college game. at michigan. undee new coach there. he spent 92 through 96 aswherr defensive coordinator. his two years here produced the -fl third ranked defense in and 10th ranked in 2010. >> after the loss to pittsburg, those are pointinn the finger at this guy. cam cameron. ravenss offenssve coordinator is under fire forra certain segment offthe fan base ffr the way his star studded unit performed this
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season. monday john harbaugh defended cameron and proclaimed he would be back. tomorrow team owner, bashot together, john harbaugh and knew somwill "meet the press" for the annnal post more to him. interesting to get their take. kristen berset will will havv that for you tomorrow. >> special delivery on the side of 97. why the father was so surprised hh made it through the ordeal. >> it looks like we will see aa3 few cl [ male announcer ] what happens when you channel the speed,
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power, and clarity of light into pure 100% fiber optics and bring them straight to the home? ♪ you get a network that's light-years ahead of anything else.
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verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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verizon fios. a network ahead. >> final look at the seven-day@ forecast. 34 tomorrow. clouds gather. snow showers later in the evening. overnight to friday morning. 2-to 4-inches potentially. depends on the track of the storm. blustery cooditions behind it. temperatures in the teens through the weekendd next chance for snow on tuesday. jennifer and jeff? >> thann you. tonight two babies born on the side of the road. >> first in pikesville, grand entrance on the beltway. kirby and their baby are at the hospital. monday night snoo and ice storm they were delivered. traveling in the van from saverna park after the water broke at home. had to pull over at greenspring avenuee and new daddy delivered keloni
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and she wasn't the only baby born on the highway. baby coming out. i got it. i got t oh, my gosh. hand. >> that wife went iito labor tuessay morning. she and he toddlerrleft the severn ome for the hospital. water broke on the way. dispptcher told him to use a shoelace to tie the umbell cal cord, and the result is a baby 7 pounds 2 ounces. mom and baby are fine. dad has calmed down.
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